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1) Ensure you fit the Eligibility Requirements below.
2) Read the Terms & Policies.
3) Scroll down to Professional Services and/or Certification Courses, and select an option.
4) Proceed to make the deposit.
5) Confirmation email will be automatically sent. Pre-care instructions will be included when booking a professional service.

- Must be at least 18yrs old, no exceptions.
- Not pregnant or nursing.
- No major health/heart issues.
- Not on any blood thinning medication.
- Diabetics must obtain a DOCTOR'S NOTE prior to booking.
- Must not have skin concerns such as eczema, psoriasis, or keloids in the treatment area.
- Must not be undergoing chemotherapy.
- Must not be someone who is epileptic or experiences seizures/faint spells.

Microblading training July 21-22
Group Training. Save $300 if your deposit is before July 15

Learn the fundamentals of MICROBLADING (hair stroke) and Shading and how to combine both techniques to create COMBO BROWS. No experience is necessary. Esthetician & Cosmetologist Licenses are NOT required.

Training consists of 1-day individual remote learning, 2 days in-person, & option to add a live model guided session day.

Brow services
We offer permanent brow services such as Microblading, ombre powder, and combo brow.

Microblading is a semi-permanent form of cosmetic tattooing. But unlike traditional tattoos, which use a tattoo gun, microblading uses a blade-shaped tool with a row of tiny, barely visible needles to create hair-like strokes along your brows while depositing pigment into your skin.

Ombre Powder
Ombre powder is shading that is dark at the tails and light at the front. The final healed result is a powdered-filled brow similar to the look of makeup. Soft and misty fronts create a natural and subtle look. This method suits everyone including all skin types.

Combo Brow
Combo brow is a combination of both microblading and ombre shading techniques. This method gives a defined makeup look at the end with added fluffy strokes in the front. It is best suited for oily to combination skin types.

- Business Requirements
- Client consent & waiver forms
- Pre-care & Aftercare Instructions
- Proper Sanitation & Sharps disposal
- Supplies & Vendors list
- Skin Anatomy
- Color Theory
- Machine & Needle Theory
- String Mapping Method
- Brow shaping practice
- Microblading technique & stroke pat
- Ombre Shading techniques & machine handling
- Written Step-by-Step procedures (Microblading, Ombre Powder, & Combo)
- Photo/Video editing apps, marketing tips & how to start your PMU career.

1 DAY - INDIVIDUAL REMOTE LEARNING ---- You will receive an email with PDF attachments & have one week prior to in-person training to complete. Please make time to review the course curriculum, and finish bloodborne pathogen and CPR basic certificates. We will clarify & answer questions during in-person training days.

2 DAYS IN-PERSON TRAINING ---- FRI 7/20/23 ---- ---- SAT 7/2123 ---- Class schedule is 10am to 5pm. Lunch is provided. In-person training is centered on Microblading & Ombre Powder Shading techniques & building core muscle memory. Instructors will guide students for their live model demonstrations in class. Students will receive hands-on practice with string mapping, shaping, and multiple latex & fruit practice for a variety of different real-life skin textures.

X FREE MENTORING (DM/text/call us to ask any questions or receive feedback)
X FREE SHADOW days to refresh your memory
X Opportunity to book GUIDANCE SESSIONS $300 (max 2) for those who need more hands-on training and/or BED STATION RENTAL $50 (up to 5 max) to work on your own LIVE MODEL(s) within 4 months of training.

- CERTIFICATION for Microblading & Ombre Powder Shading
- Training MANUAL
- Professional TRAINING KIT with the wireless machine, cartridges, blades, pigments, & more.
- Lifetime mentoring *** A $500 Non-Refundable deposit is required when registering for the training. The remaining balance is due day of training. Cash or Zelle is preferred. For Credit/Debit cards an additional 3% transaction fee will apply.